Student Charter

You can expect us to:

  1. Provide information and guidance about all courses and resources.
  2. Offer courses and workshops that focus on recovery and wellbeing.
  3. Provide a safe, healthy and non-judgemental learning enviroment, nurturing respect and shared understanding.
  4. Support recovery with advice, compassion and respect.
  5. Respect your views, beliefs and opinions.
  6. Welcome your ideas, thoughts and views about the college and how we might develop.
  7. Provide access to materials and resources that will support you through the course you are doing
  8. Make sure you get the most from your time with the Recovery College.

We will expect you to:

  1. Select the courses you wish to attend and be prepared to give them a go.
  2. Make the most of your learning experience by fully embracing the potential of recovery.
  3. Work with us to meet your needs and the needs of others, observing the student code of conduct.
  4. Speak to a member of staff if you are having any difficulty with your student experience.
  5. Respect the right of staff and fellow students to have different views.
  6. Share your ideas, thought & views to help the college develop.
  7. Let us know what additional resources would be beneficial, so you can get the most from your college experience.
  8. Enjoy yourself!