Pictures from the Joining the dots event

On Monday the 15th May we hosted  “Join The Dots”  a North East Inner City stakeholder event in the Communication Worker’s Union on the North Circular Road. This Event was an opportunity for local organisations to come together and cocreate the process for an integrated care pathway for Dual Diagnosis Recovery in the Community. The North East Inner City is a vibrant community however, statistically the community experiences higher levels of disadvantage than Dublin City and the rest of Ireland. There are high levels of poverty resulting in marginalization of communities which ultimately has a knock off affect for the residents and community members. As a result of living with such adversity, issues with Mental health and Substance use can be a side affect. This can have a ripple affect on families and the community creating a negative cycle. When it comes to Dual Diagnosis, there are many community projects in the North East Inner City that are providing supports for individuals and families across all areas – prevention, intervention, treatment and Recovery Supports. The aim of this session was to bring these services together to develop a pathway for people that means they can avail of the supports these services have to offer in a holistic and integrated way.



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