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Angel of the Street Ascends

Although it’s over a month, it seems more recent that our friend and colleague Christine O’Donnell passed from this world. Chris quietly arrived into our world in the Dublin North, North East Recovery College at our summer festival in 2017. Although quietly arriving and quietly spoken then [unusual], she was one of the opening singers. After a brief intro on the experiences of homelessness, she proceeded to sing her self penned song ‘Liberty’ inspired by her own experiences of homelessness, bringing the emotion of those experiences into a reality for festival participants.

Chris had arrived and thereafter was intricately involved with the Recovery College: as course facilitator; as course participant; as project advisor; as peer educator; as inspiration; as friend and colleague. 

Perhaps first and foremost Chris was, as the title suggests an Angel of the Streets. Working with Safetynet Primary Care as a Peer Support worker her space of work was in the streets and cafes of Dublin, where she supported people who were homeless and on the margins of society. If people here were her first priority, she then proceeded to create all sorts of possibilities for them, through her networks and nose for human capacity building. Through her interventions, the Recovery College has been enriched by a whole new cohort of participants, some of whom might argue they were dragged kicking and screaming by Chris to a course ‘cause she knew that once I got there I would enjoy it’. (more…)

Tools to Explore as part of the International Tool Fair in Meath

We are very excited about facilitating a Tool to Explore as part the International Tool Fair (ITF) which an Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps community-of-practice event that brings together diverse organisations and project leaders within Youth, Sports, School Education, Adult Education and Vocational Education and Training (VET) sectors across Europe and beyond borders.

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Hearing Voice Courses starting soon