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Our newsletter is full with articles from our Recovery College students. We would just like to thank Rowena, Kotryna and all contributors.

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Just a little peak at some of the work in the understanding stigma and discrimination workshop

What the Hell is Coproduction? North Dublin

This course was a collaboration between Clare Gallagher HSE, Peter Byrne Recovery Hub and Martha Griffin Dublin North, North Recovery College.

This is what the students said about the course.

“It was very interesting. I didn’t expect the course to be run in such a relaxed way. I thought it would be the facilitators teaching the course but there was a lot of learning within the group through shared experience.”

“It helped me work better as a team”

“The course was very enjoyable. I learned a lot. I now have a clearer idea of what coproduction is. The mix of learning was great as helped to maintain interest and focus throughout – mix of lectures and group work etc. Great to get different perspectives on topics”.

“I found it very enjoyable”.

“The What the Hell is Coproduction is a must for multi disciplinary teams working to advance recovery in mental health”.

“It was one of the most relaxing educational experiences. The facilitation was very interactive, inclusive, attentive and relaxed. The course was very experiential and the knowledge and skills can be applied in professional and personal settings”.

“Fun, relaxing, opportunity to speak and be listened to, group work was lots of fun and it enhanced teamwork skills”.


And this is how they found being a Recovery College student.

“Very enjoyable and worthwhile”
“Very positive, enriching and valuable”
“Very good, enjoyable”
“Great, new and exciting and hopefully will do more courses”.
“Really enjoyed the experience, relaxed environment, lots of laughs, sitting in a circle enhanced discussions”


And some of the ways in which the course sparked coproduction ideas for people.

  • Mindfulness in the community
  • I am looking to work in the community to coproduce a group or activity with people who use services.
  • Yes, supporting people who use services and professionals to identify and support the speech and language and communication needs of service users so that service users will be involved in therapies, courses etc in a meaningful way.
  • I would like to be involved in coproducting support services for families and children
  • I discovered I already co-produce!
  • Currently coproducing an allotment group in my place of work this will enhance my understanding and delivery of same.

Oh what fun we had Mental Health Fair Dublin 1

Sean and Martha were at a Mental Health Fair in Dublin 1 today met some lovely people and had lots of fun!