Author: Martha Griffin

Photos from the Self Advocacy Programme Report Launch

What a great day, such energy in the room.


Community Forum – 29th March 2023

That time again…We are having our fifth Community Forum next Wednesday the 29th March. This forum will be hosted in the Pavee Point building which is located at 46 Charles Street Great, D01XC63. 
We had some lovely feedback from the yoga session that was facilitated at the last forum, it was a great way to start off the morning. I’m delighted to say that Michael Darragh has offered to kick off next week’s forum for us again with a yoga session. Of course this is optional but we do highly recommend availing of this mindful session before what can be quite a heavy discussion regarding mental health and substance use.
The Yoga session will start at 10am followed by the forum and refreshments from 11-1pm.
This forum will take a slightly different format than previous sessions as we are hoping to dig deep into the process of what the integrated pathway of care we have talked about would look like. We also want to emphasize the importance of the networking space as this is vital to cementing the links and pathways between services.
You can register for the forum here Please feel free to print and share the flyer.

Dublin North, North East Recovery College before the Subcommittee on Mental Health on dual diagnosis.

We are delighted that Em and Liam are presenting before the subcommittee on Mental Health on consideration of the issue of dual diagnosis.

It can be watched live or recorded here.

Executive summary of Self Advocacy Project 2022 in conjunction with Peer Advocacy in Mental Health.

Peer Advocacy in Mental Health was successful in a submission to the Mental Health Grants for Community & Voluntary Agencies 2022 to include the refinement of the long-established self advocacy programme in collaboration with Dublin North, North East Recovery College you can read the executive summary of the report here. Advancing Self-Advocacy through Recovery Education

Final Agenda 21.03.2023

Advancing Self-Advocacy through Recovery Education. (1)