Month: June 2022

Morning Star Song from our Meath Song Craft course with Core Ireland

A lovely video from the Song Craft course.


Self Advocacy

Delighted to announce the upcoming Self-advocacy in mental health learning programme due to start on Thursday June 30th. Details can be found below and the programme is limited to 16 participants and will operate on a first come first served basis.
Calling people who have experienced challenges to their mental health
You are invited to participate in a pilot learning programme to help improve the design and delivery of a self-advocacy course for people who have experienced challenges to their mental health. The self-advocacy in mental health learning programme was developed to enable people with self experience of mental health challenges to self-advocate: To speak up, speak out and take back control of their own lives! The programme aims to achieve this by supporting personal growth in areas of confidence, self-belief, rights and realization ofresources to help participants assert their rightful place in society. The programmes will be delivered in a shared, peer-to-peer learning environment.
Sessions will take place at the Dublin North, North East Recovery college based at Dublin City University

  •  6 learning sessions followed by one focus group.
  •  The six learning sessions will be delivered on Thursdays, 10am to 2pm starting Thursday 30th of June
  •  This will be followed by a focus group on August 7th
 – Lunch will be provided for each session of the programme so please pass on any dietary requirements you may have – 


Jim Walsh, Training and Development Officer, Peer Advocacy in Mental Health and James Nolan, experienced in co-production and co-delivery of mental health programmes, under Dublin North, North East Recovery College.

To register your interest email or call 01 700 7907
Also please note, to be eligible to participate you have to:
1. Have or continue to live with significant challenges to your mental health
2. Have experienced learning in mental health delivered through co-production
3. Have experience of or direct involvement in co-producing learning programmes in mental

Huge Congratulations to Lianne on graduating yesterday

Huge congratulations to Lianne yesterday who finally got to walk across the stage and become in her words ‘an official person’. Lianne graduated from Certificate in Peer Support Working in Mental Health and was in the class of 2019/2020 and graduation was delayed because of Covid.  Lianne did a split placement with the Dublin North, North East Recovery College and the HSE in Louth, her supervisors were Mark Cunningham(DKIT) and Rosemary Murphy (HSE).

Lianne started as a student with the Recovery College, became a facilitator and was student Chair for a time. Lianne continues to champion the recovery college and works for YAP Ireland.

Watch out world, Lianne is now ‘an official person’.