Month: July 2016

The Recovery College Approach

The Recovery College takes an empowering and inclusive educational approach to mental health and well being. With a focus on health and wellness, we aim to create a culture of recovery in the community by providing transformative educational courses, resources and creative spaces that are accessible to anyone who wants to learn about mental health recovery.

Supporting students to build on their inherent strengths and resources, the college provides spaces that are mutually respectful, where personal and professional experience is valued equally. The recovery college is a space where students choose their own courses, to gain new understandings and explore the potential of recovery in ways that suits them. The Recovery College is not a place of clinical treatment or therapy. Presently there are over 40 recovery colleges around the world.


The Benefits

  1. We encourage students to “find their own solutions and embrace distress as a part of ordinary life” (Repper; 2013)
  2. We break down barriers by opening enrollment to everyone interested in Mental Health Recovery and by offering courses that are co-designed and co-delivered by people with both personal and professional experience.
  3. With a focus on integration, we make wellness and recovery resources available to the whole community.