People can and do recover from mental health problems to build meaningful and satisfying lives. Recovery is the personal journey that people with different mental health experiences take to rebuild and refocus their strengths, to move beyond what has happened, taking steps to discover new pathways in life, finding new direction and purpose together.
With a focus on health and wellness, hope is central to recovery, this can be enhanced by each person taking more control in their lives, identifying and working towards their own recovery goals and ambitions. Recovery is about discovering – or re-discovering – a sense of personal identity, separate from illness or diagnosis.

Recovery Affects Us All

Mental Health Recovery is a process for everyone to embrace, whether we’re overcoming distress ourselves or looking to support somebody on their respective journey. By recognising that we are in this together and that every one of us has our own mental health to take care of, it’s important we mind each other along the way.

Recovery is supported by:

  • A willingness to try new things
  • Good relationships
  • Personal growth
  • A supportive environment
  • Being believed in
  • Being listened to
  • Understanding past experiences