Madness Sans Frontieres – a worldwide collaboration premiered in Canberra on October 3rd 2018.

A friend of the Recovery College Julia Bocking who is a Consumer Academic and a proud mad person approached us in the recovery college to do a quick one minute piece  for the Lived Eperience Showcase on why we work in the area of mental health.
Here is Julia’s email about the film.
“The Showcase had speakers who used their own lived experience of distress to offer something different . There was a professional footballer, deputy commissioner of mental health, a manager of an IV drug outreach agency, a peer detention exit program manager (prison) and a critical psychologist all share their work, in activism and service provision. The Minister for Mental Health also spoke and got to see you all in the film. It was a perfect addition to the day.
Madness Sans Frontieres was made entirely by ‘labelled people’. The total production cost was $500 AUD for the film editing. I feel lucky to have met lots of people with lived experience around the world through my research work. This film generated a similar connection to a worldwide movement. I’m proud that all of us have used our negative experiences to change the world where we live.

I hope it is useful in your individual work. Feel free to use it in any way you wish. Do let me know where though – I’m interested in seeing how far it travels!

Julia Bocking
LES Coordinator 2018
Consumer Academic
University of Canberra
………………………………………………..proud Mad person