Press Release – Launch of Start Some Good Crowdfunding for the College

Crowdfunding Launch

Start Some Good

Who Are we, and why support us?

Our Recovery College thinks differently about mental health, we work to empower local people, and transform communities and services throughout the Louth, Meath and North Dublin areas to embrace wellbeing, emotional distress and our ability to recover from all that life throws at us.    Since 2016 in excess of 2000 people have engaged with our inclusive education programmes, with your help we can move this number of participants to over 5,000 by 2025. By supporting our crowd funding initiative you can become part of the change we are working to create.

Given the current climate, our work has never been more in need.


What’s so different about us?

As everyone goes through emotional distress, our group learning spaces are open to the entire community.  This inclusive approach moves participants beyond the scope of traditional mental health spaces towards being empowered community members focused on enhancing their strengths and all aspects of their personality.  Our students take on leadership roles in terms of their own recovery, the delivery our programmes and creating a more accepting and supportive culture of recovery in their own community.

What’s our Impact?

Since 2016, through collaborative efforts with over 30 organisations – 2252 people have engaged with our transformative initiatives cross the three counties – students during this time identifying increased self-esteem, greater connection with others and feeling more hopeful about the future all as major outcomes. Quotes at the end  of this document.


Why we need your support?

Our work to date has taken place thanks to innovation funding provided by the Nursing and Midwifery Practice Development Unit (HSE Dublin North). This seed fund is time restricted, so the onus is now on the college to sustain independently beyond July 2020.  We are currently launching our ‘Start Some Good’ crowdfunding site; this will run for six weeks from May 1.  Our aim is to realise funding that will sustain the college for one year, as we work to secure longer term funding beyond 2025.  By supporting us now, you can become part of the change we are working to create.


How you can help?

We are looking for media platforms to help promote the launch our crowdfunding site. We are looking for funding, donations of €25 will help; €250 will pay one student to attend and complete one of our courses; donations of €5000 will fund one full Recovery College Course, accommodating 20 students; €15000 will fund one Wellbeing Workshop Day, accommodating over 100 people. €65,000 will provide recovery education in a county.

For organisations looking for us to facilitate either bespoke courses or wellbeing days for their team – there are additional options.


What are we up to currently?

To facilitate socially distant learning we have moved our courses and supports online. Our summer term schedule includes the following online courses: ‘Self Love Programme,’ ‘My Home, My Sanctuary,’ ‘Healthy Relationships with Food,’ ‘Building Confidence and Self Esteem,’ and ‘Understanding Trauma and how it Impacts us.’


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Quotes from Students & Participating Professionals

“For me the realisation that recovery was a realistic aim and not just a word, helped to push me into a more positive frame of mind. The College has helped me recognise recovery and opened me up to things I can do to develop it and keep it going.”

DNNE Recovery College Student


This process can really change how we do things and make everything more equal, it was fascinating to be part of; so democratic and gave a voice to everyone…  It has made me look at other things we do in the service and look for a way of co-producing at every opportunity.’


Mental Health Nurse with 20+ years’ experience (also Recovery College Student)


“It is important to have a community and a place like this to come to, it helps you grow and not isolate yourself from everyone around you. My new level of comfort with other people has opened up other avenues to me. I have since applied for a CE scheme and got it. I would not have done this prior to my RC experience.”

Recovery College Student


This course had a very positive impact on the group, it was very easy for young people to be open and honest. Participants parents have commented since the program, that they have brought the learning home, recommending solutions for others. I have already recommended this programme to other professionals.

Professional Youth Worker