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Mental Health Workers we need your support for Trialogue

We’re calling out to our friends working within the Mental Health Services for support, to ensure this group can continue to develop from strength to strength.

Outlined below are a number of key ways that you and other members of your team can actively support the North Dublin Trialogue group.

Uptake and support from services is fundamental to the growth of your local Trialogue Group, without it the space provided by this committed voluntary group, could lose it’s truly trans formative potential.

In support your local Trialogue,  Not only will you be supporting our group to flourish, but at the same time your service will be actively working to help your service work towards achieving an important local recovery education objective as identified by Advancing Recovery in Ireland.  We hope you’ll get on board.


Ways to support your local Trialogue:

1: Join the core group of volunteers  This group meets monthly 8 times per year. Presently we only need one more Mental Health Professional to come on board.

2: Make a collective commitment to support the Trialogue.  This can be done easily and is hugely important!  All that is needed is for members of your team (eg: multi disciplinary teams/Service user forums etc) to make a collective commitment to each attend one or two meetings per year.  This way supporting the trialogue doesn’t fall to any one person, and the benefits then also feed back to services that engage.

3: Champion the Trialogue Group by being our promotions person in your service. This involves physically circulating monthly posters to those accessing services, their supporters & other team members.)  Though we circulate promos widely, we need your support to make them fully visible!


The next step is easy!  Just email back to confirm which of the above supports you’re willing to give.  We’ll then include you on our Trialogue champions contacts list and take things from there.  We very much hope to collaborate with you soon.

Alternatively call John Kelly on 017008887 with any questions, suggestions or light bulb moments!

Bringing about change – get involved.

A discussion came up during Thoughts, Feelings and Actions about the local forums and having a say in what happens in mental health services. There are two ways to get involved.

The Mental Health Engagement Office

The Mental Health Engagement Office was set up in in 2015.  Liam Hennessy, who is a user of mental health services is Head of Mental Health Engagement in the Mental Health Division. The purpose of the Mental Health Engagement Office is to support the Head in developing structures, systems and mechanisms for service user, family member and carer engagement. It has five main functions:

  1. Advice, support and review in relation to the local structures for Service User Family Member and Carer Engagement
  2. Information flow and data collection
  3. Capacity building
  4. Knowledge, Expertise and Research
  5. Working with others to promote to Service User, Family Members and Carers Engagement.

There nine Area Leads, each of whom will be a member of the Community Healthcare Organisation (CH0) Area Mental Health Management Team. In line with A Vision for Change the purpose of this post is to consult and present the views of service users, family members and carers through engagement and partnership and to influence decision making at Area Management level. Your area lead will have information about the local forums. For more information or to find your area lead click here.

Mental Health Reform

Mental Health Reform is a national coalition of organisations campaigning to transform mental health and well-being supports in Ireland.The work on the following:

Identifying gaps – MHR identify unmet mental health needs particularly among people who can fall through the net, like people with intellectual disabilities, those who are homeless or people from ethnic minorities.

Developing best practice – MHR draw on best practice to advise Government and champion innovation in the supports provided to people.

Building consensus – MHR work closely with our members and directly with people and their families using mental health services, bringing their voices and their needs to the attention of Government, the HSE and other key state bodies.

Taking action – MHR work to raise concerns about mental health and the social inclusion of people with mental health difficulties, encouraging people to support and take action on our campaigns.

Monitoring and reviewing – MHR monitor the actions of Government, the HSE and other agencies to ensure that they are measuring up on the commitments and promises they have made.

My Voice Matters is a national consultation that will gather feedback through two surveys, one for people who use mental health services and one for their family members, friends and carers. Part of the research will be carried out through a survey. This can take different amounts of time depending on the person, you should allow 10-15 minutes to complete the survey. The surveys will look at three main issues:

  • What services are available
  • Experience of services provided
  • How services could be improved

Have you used Irish mental health services within the last 2 years? Click the link below to take the survey:Click here to take the Service User Survey

Do you support someone who has experience of mental health services? Click the link below to take the survey: Click here to take the Family, Friends and Carers Survey

We are closed due to the bad weather.

Due to the worsening weather conditions, all Recovery College Courses and meetings are postponed this week. Weather permitting we hope to reopen for the Trialogue group and college courses from next Monday. Stay safe.