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Join us for our First Forthnight Event 13th Janaury, DCU campus Glasnevin

Save the date: Thursday January 13th 12pm-3pm

A 3 hour transcultural event which will consist of both an Open space dialogue and a
Collaborative musical performance of the song ‘Emerging Unmasked’ which was written and performed by Students of the Dublin North, North East Recovery College and members of the Traveller Community and Pavee Point.

The aim of this event is to bring people together to discuss and recognise the additional difficulties people who are marganilsed face in terms of both experiencing inclusion and being open about their mental health experiences.

We hope that it will act as a catalyst for the further growth and understanding of
peoples’ experiences and highlight the importance of openness and
acceptance of mental health within these communities. By hosting this space we hope to
create an environment which promotes solidarity and understanding of the experiences of people who are marginalised in accessing mental health services with the view to both increasing the level of discourse in the area but also by highlighting the need for assistance from participating community organisations going forward.

To register your interest in attending the event please email




Spring Schedule of Online Courses available for anyone based in the Blanchardstown and Fingal Area

DDLETB in partnership with DNNE Recovery College will be hosting to online courses open to everyone in the Blanchardstown and Fingal Areas, these courses are being run as part of our year long strategy to develop and deliver new community mental health education programmes to meet local needs throughout the Fingal area during 2021.  This initiative is supported by the Healthy Ireland fund.

The next step of this strategy is to hereby invite members of the public to take part in a weekly online courses entitled:

‘Thoughts, Feelings & Actions.’ 
‘Moving Beyond Stigma.’ 

Online course schedules:

Moving Beyond Stigma 

Start Date: Monday March 15th. Format: Six Weekly three hour sessions.  Time: 10am-1pm

Thoughts, Feelings, Actions 

Start Date: Tuesday March 16th. Format: Six Weekly three hour sessions.  Time: 2-5pm

Please see the promotional posters below.  Please also feel free to circulate this information to any individuals or groups in your networks

How to enrol for this free course:

You can enrol if:

– You have an interest in enhancing your own mental health wellbeing

– You are over 18

– You live in either the Blanchardstown or wider Fingal areas

– You have access to the internet

If you have further questions please contact us directly






Mental Health Champions 2021, Online Course Enrolment Form


Conference announcements and call for abstracts for Critical Voices Network Conference in UCC.

This year’s conference title is “CREATING SAFE SPACES IN MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEMS: CRITICAL PERSPECTIVES”. Although of course creating safe spaces is  particularly appropriate and relevant at this very moment, the title and theme was decided upon well before the corona virus outbreak. As you are no doubt aware, concerns continue to be expressed that mental health systems do not provide safe spaces for people in intense distress. Indeed, it is often the opposite, with people referring to experiences of de-humanisation, coercion and re-traumatisation. Acknowledging such concerns, the conference focuses on the importance of developing and providing safe spaces for people experiencing distress. The conference offers opportunities to examine:
• what we understand by safe spaces in mental health systems
• what makes it so difficult to offer safe spaces
• the increasing use of coercion and forced treatment to try and maintain people’s ‘safety’
• what safe spaces may look like and how these may be experienced by people in distress
• ways to support people in intense distress in spaces where they feel safe and respected
Please see below  the conference flyer and call for abstracts in the attached. We hope to see you again in November, and if not, then November 2021! We’ll keep you posted on developments. In the mean time, we look forward to abstracts in relation to the conference’s theme.
Please share with your own networks as appropriate. Thanks.
Lydia Sapouna and Harry Gijbels
Conference Organisers

An online conference which will celebrate the International Day for Families

The HSE’s Mental Health Engagement and Recovery Team and its community partners will on May 15 – the UN’s International Day of Families –host an online event to celebrate and promote family recovery.

This event will be run via ZOOM and the organisers will email the link to you closer to the event date.

Twitter will also be used to promote and share on the day.

The day will include a panel discussion, conversation, sharing of recovery narratives, workshops, meditation and music.The theme throughout will be family recovery and peoples personal experience of this.

Please note that the workshops will be facilitated by our Recovery Education partners and we will have to share your email address with them .

Please contact if you have any queries.

More information here