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First Fortnight Arts and Culture Festival – the first two weeks in January

Dear Recovery College Student,
As we come towards the end of our Autumn schedule of programmes I’d like to thank so much for all your time, commitment and energy these past few months.  I hope you’ve found the courses beneficial, and we very much hope to see you all again in the new year.
We’ll be circulating information soon both about our Winter wellbeing day, which will take place in DKIT on Friday January 18th, and also our upcoming Spring Schedule.  In the meantime I wanted to let you know about the First Fortnight European Mental Health, Art and Culture festival 2019, there’s so much to look forward to hear, perhaps a few of you might like to organsie a meet up between yourselves in true student fashion.  For full details please see below:
For those of you creatively inclined our friends from First Fortnight, picked out a couple of highlights for you to consider:
Madness, Mental Illness, & Creativity: Writers and Artists in Conversation (€10/ €12)

Three creatives in the fields of writing and visual art, Arnold Thomas Fanning, Sara Baume and Eoghan O’Driscoll, discuss their experience and thinking on the links between creativity and mental illness, and how one impinges on the other in the context of their work practice and disciplines. The conversation facilitated by Claire Hennessy will include but not be limited to topics such as what it means to create art about mental illness, the benefits of art, and the line between the therapeutic and therapy.

Songwriting workshop (free but online registration essential)

Singer songwriters Fiona Hannon (aka Darwin’s Daughter) & Daniel Hertzov come together to help you find the lyrics & melody to express yourself through song. A mix of hands on songwriting and music, the workshop gives you the basics, lets you try it out and gives you practical tips to take away so you can continue at home. Worskhop in English, Russian and Polish.

More information about the festival

First Fortnight, Mental Health, Art and Culture Festival is an Irish charity that challenges mental health prejudice through cultural action and the provision of creative therapy to marginalised groups. The organisation was founded in 2009 and has been running a Mental Health and Arts festival each January since 2012. Next year the festival will be taking place from Thurs 3 – Sun 20 Jan 2019 and will be hosting over 150 events in Dublin across 22 counties. This year, the festival will have a special focus on European communities as part of First Fortnight long-standing partnership with NEFELE, the European Festivals Network for Mental Life Enhancement ( With this in mind over 15 European countries will be represented in this unique edition of the festival. First Fortnight also runs The Center for Creative Therapies and provides Art Therapies to homeless people who are referred to the organisation:
John Kelly.

Know yourself through thoughts and triggers – Dublin North

Group work on Triggers, triggers can be hard work so the second part of the session we got creative.



Poem by Matthew Tubridy, Recovery College Student

My mind quickens,

At the sight of the city,

But I am a spacer,

True and true.

Overthinking thinks nothing goes right,

Everyone asks are you ok. But that is the problem,

Why don’t you pour washing up liquid down my throat?

A hundred people ask are you ok?

And what if I don’t say yes?

The rushes and the flowers don’t ask stupid questions,

And they don’t kick you off if you say the wrong thing,

Hello caterpillar! I love you too.

I want everything! I want everyone to love me,

And none of this should happen.

You should not happen.

You have an ignorant mouth.

I am ok. I have passed the test.

But the flowers have no test.

Are you ok? Are you ok? Are you doing the right thing? 

Spu you. 

I’ll put you in a cage because that’s the only way you do the right thing.

Help me rocks. Help me grass. Help me clouds scurrying across the sky.

Take me away from the judgement.

Take me away from everything being ok.

I shall achieve. Do whatever you say. 

I shall rub graffiti off the walls,

I shall sit for your dollar. To buy crap.

Going ok? Everything ok.

On the wrong track? In the wrong ripped up trousers. I am.

Everything revolves around sexuality.

Are you getting it?

I don’t buy this junk. The clouds is all I see. Even when they try to kill me.

Are you at this level? Are you getting cash? Can you throw cash at beggers?

All I want to be is a tramp. A tramp of love that doesn’t judge anyone.

Put anyone on a pedicel.

Caterpillar how are you? I love your empire.

Caterpillar that recognises no farmer. No owner.

No one to lick up to.

I am class. I am taller than you. 

I whizz by faster than you.

With my kids. The only ones that get pushed forward.

I want mountain. I want freedom and sheep telling me I am a buchaill Maith.

This is for this that is for that so you get thrills every night.

I am higher. Higher than who? You!

You are scrum.

I am homeless. I am gone beyond help.

I put chlorine in my water up there.

Bye bye caterpillar. Go on your merry way. But don’t curse me caterpillar.

It is the lowly that inherit the earth.

Those who stay friendly to caterpillars.

I’m so big the trees don’t fall on me. 

But you know, everyone dies. Everyone. The caterpillar knows that. 

Everyone falls to the same level sometime. Everyone lives in the same house.

So don’t mind those clouds. Don’t mind the buses.

How high am I? Higher than you.

But one last thing. Are you getting it? Are you really getting it?