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Our Very First Music Video! From the Song Creation Collective

Massive thanks to all the Recovery College Students and Ealain and Sarah who facilitated the group involved, we are incredibly lucky to have such a wealth of creativity.  Also a special mention also to Kotryna Cikanaviciute, our communications guru, huge appreciation for all your support!

What the hell is Coproduction? What students said……

Catherine Sweeney and Martha Griffin developed and delivered What the hell is copoduction, the course finished yesterday and here is what the students thought.

This course is good for “getting out of yourself” and hearing peoples experiences. Good social element

Experienced a sense of fun and curiosity, as an adult with many people who have a lot of experience of mental health – lived experience and professional experience or a mix of both.

Everyone is equal and listened to and no one is judged. All from different backgrounds, life experiences, very educational and very comfortable. Had to open up to questions and tasks which made your mind open and think. Team work and individual participation. Friendly fun atmosphere.

It was challenging but rewarding.

Being on the course was brilliant. I thought the course was interesting also challenging and enjoyable, enjoyed the little projects.

I found the course was presented very well and I got a good idea of how working together can end better than just working on your own. The group experience was very good where we learned working with other coproductively. The atmosphere was calming and relaxed and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Enjoyable, inclusive. Comfortable but challenging, in a good way.

I found it, self-empowering and self-esteem building.

It was a good experience overall.

Meeting with people for different perspectives with a genuine interest in mental health is a good experience, especially when they are open to change for the common good.

Being on this course was pleasantly challenging. Working outside your comfort zone but there was an acknowledgement that this was part of the learning.

Meeting the Taoiseach

Last Friday Taoiseach Leo Varadkar took time on his 40th birthday to visit DCU in the Community. John and Martha got to speak to him about the work of the recovery college, how coproduction is aiming to readdress the power imbalance in mental health services and how when the community come together and shed roles in a neutral educational space and become students it can be a powerful experience.

No more throw away people – coproduction.

Thanks to Patrick in EVOLVE Recovery College for sharing this coproduction video with us, we love it.