ARI Learning Set February 22nd February in North Dublin

Recovery College Community Members,

You are invited to attend the ARI Learning Set for CHO 7, 8, & 9 titled ‘Recovery – Making it Happen’ which will take place on Thursday February 22nd 2018 in the Bonnington Hotel, Dublin, from 10am to 4.15pm. ARI learning sets encourage a creative approach to learning by offering opportunities for people facing similar challenges to work together to share experiences and solutions.

Speakers on the day will include Ms. Marina Bowe, Consultant Psychiatrist, Gina Delaney, ARI Managing Partner, HSE Mental Health Division & Martin Rogan, CEO, Mental Health Ireland.

There will also be 5 interactive Workshops on various recovery initiatives including:

  • What supports recovery focused services?
  • Co- Production in practice
  • Peer Support Workers supporting recovery oriented Mental Health Services
  • Making Recovery Happen through Supporting Skills and Knowledge Development
  • Recovery for all: Supporting yourself as you support others

An exhibition of recovery initiatives will have a central focus on the day where services will be afforded the opportunity to ‘Brag’ about their innovation and where other services can ‘Steal’ and replicate in their service area.

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