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14 Jan 2020, Tuesday

Memories from Friday’s First Fortnight Event

Some pictures captured at last Friday's First Fortnight event done by 

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09 Jan 2020, Thursday

Our new newsletter – enjoy.

Recovery College New...

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16 Dec 2019, Monday

Journeys First Fortnight 10th January 2020 Dublin Event

Dublin North, North East Recovery College, in conjunction with Akidwa, Cairdre, DCU, Pavee Point and Silver Thread, “Journeys - What I Kno...

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12 Dec 2019, Thursday

Dublin North North East Recovery College in Conjunction with First Fortnight Mental Health Arts Festival 2020

As part of the First Fortnight Mental Health Arts Festival 2020 - DNNE Recovery College would like to invite you to join us on January 17 for our annu...

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