A Play: Fred & Alice – Love in the time of OCD




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​ @ The Sheds,​ Clontarf, Dublin@8pm – 0871129970

​FRED & ALICE​ Love in the time of OCD written by John Sheehy

​ (Arts Council Theatre Artist in Residence between 2013-2015)​

Fred is played by Ciaran Bermingham (Game of Thrones, The Young Offenders)
Alice is played by myself Cora Fenton

***** STARS

Fred & Alice is a blistering headwreck played at a hilarious pace!

It is a ​quirky love story about 2 amazing mischievous characters who meet in a home, fall in love, play rock concerts, move in together,  have trouble adjusting, sort it out, all done in their own hilarious way.

It’s hilarious, we guarantee you, you’ve never seen anything like it before.

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  • Fred & Alice ​was ​also shortlisted for a 2016 PPI award in drama and won Bronze Medal (radio clips available to be sent on).


  • It has received 4 and 5 star reviews: 4 Stars The Irish Times, 4 Stars Irish Examiner, 5 Stars The Herald Scotland (reviews available)
  • “Splendid Production and Powerful Performances” – Joe Duffy Presenter RTE
  •  “F**king Wonderful” – Niall Tobin
  • “That melding of comedy with uncondescending frankness is what gives Sheehy’s script its emotional curve balls” – The Herald Scotland
  • “Whirling Comedy” – Irish Times
  •  “remarkable performances from Ciaran Bermingham and Cora Fenton” – The Herald Scotland

​”​John Sheehy’s play is a delightful piece, warm, touching and funny”

​ – Emer O’Kelly​

We have over 150 performances done to date​ all over the country and abroad and ​are currently on a mini Summer tour.


It’s not easy to get by in this crazy old world is it? But Fred and Alice have discovered that all you really need are 2 tennis rackets, disproportionate reactions to minor accidents, an immature coping strategy and each other.

Fred & Alice is a quirky love story about 2 amazing mischievous characters who meet in a home. It wasn’t really a home but Fred always called it a home because that was where he lived, and if you are not living at home then where are you? It was love at first sight for Alice. Fred didn’t talk to her again for years but then eventually Fred got used to her and it was love at first sight for him too.

From their days in care, to independent living, Fred and Alice negotiate the perils and pitfalls of life and love.  Together they create a fantastical world which spills over into a madcap reality when they decide to move in together.


It is a love story, it also has deeper themes in it:​

Fred & Alice:


Fred & Alice is a love story but it deals with issues of mental well-bein​g and we have had a lot of people involved in the area of mental well-being come and see the play and they highly recommend it.  We have also gone into secondary schools and colleges to play to students as part of their courses.​

We believe that people involved in the area of mental well being should see this play.

“Fred and Alice have so much to teach mental health professionals about what it is to want to live your life and make your own decisions in a world that sees your ways of coping as an illness.  They allow us the privilege of seeing their world from their perspective”.  Mary Farrelly, Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing.

​”Fred & Alice is hilarious with mischievous characters, with charming, humorous dialogue and fantastic choreography. Fred and Alice meet in a mental health hostel, as their stories unfold we come to understand the powerful reasons that have brought them there.  As their love flourishes, so too does their need to live more independently, this play tells the story of that journ ey”.

“Picturesque, awareness of disability and troubled backgrounds…..hilarious to look at & adorable characters!!  Overall, it’s an extraordinary show that I love!!” Aimee Richardson Voice of Punky and member of Down Syndrome Ireland National Advisory Council

Fred & Alice is about celebrating people’s differences.Fred & Alice is about accepting people for who they are: strengths and weaknesses.

It’s about Love in its purest form born out of mutual understanding and respect.

It’s about fighting for your freedom.

It’s about the right to live your own life.


Fred &Alice was recently made into a radio play by ​Sligo’s ​Ocean FM supported by the Broadcasting Association of Ireland and was shortlisted for a PP1 National Radio Award winning Bronze​.

Fred & Alice has toured all over Ireland and also Scotland​.

Fred & Alice has had over 1​50 performances to date and has been performed in theatres, school halls, community halls, a marquee, (where Ciaran fell off the stage!), a banquet hall, a pub function room, and a haybarn surrounded by bales of hay, tractors and pigs!

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